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Equine Insurance and Nutritional Consultant




Quick Facts

  • Breed/discipline specialties: Sport Horses with an emphasis on Dressage, Hunters & Jumpers, Combined Training and Arabian Sport Horse
  • Member of: USDF, USEF, AHA, CDS, ADA, RMDS, UDS

About Tami
Life with horses is a continual journey. The more I learn about them, the less I find I know!  I'm passionate about horses and health and wellness - and have a lifetime of experience in many aspects of both ... and continue to research and explore options to improve life for my horses and my family. As an Equine Insurance Specialist for Markel Insurance, I hear about a myriad of equine health challenges that wind up as insurance claims, from gastrointestinal issues to soft tissue injuries. I've come to believe that there are steps we can take to avoid most of these problems, using good management practices, quality nutrition and energy medicine. The horse, as well as human, was designed to heal itself, given the proper resources -- and I've researched and become affilitated with the ones that make the most sense to me.

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* Equine Mortality

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